Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Am Comfy, Well-fed, and Secure: All's Right with the World (Polemic) by Edwin L. Young, PhD

While I drift off into oblivious sleep, many concerned souls are contemplating so many of the modern world's dreadful issues:

Global warming and the future of our planet and species.  

Pollution of the oceans, dying coral reefs, over fishing and extinction of fish and water mammals.

Pollution of the earth and its rivers.

Excessive accumulation of disease generating garbage, especially plastics, around the globe.

Unsustainable over population of humans.

Giant farm monopolies and the advance of their GMOs with proven dangers to health.

Depletion forests necessary to prevent the greenhouse effect.

The growing extinction of so many land animal and plant species and destruction of the ecosystem.

Concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few huge multinational financial corporations.

The rise of international corpocracy and their buying off and covert suzerainty over all nations' governments' heads of state and legislators.

The increasingly huge discrepancy between the rich and poor.

The blatant use of deception by a media that is now almost totally both horizontally and vertically controlled by fewer and fewer gigantic rapacious media corporations.

The rise of police states around the globe.

The excessive and unnecessary drug prescriptions that are endangering health around the globe.

The pollution of human bodies with obesity, diabetes, and cancer producing and nutrition-less foods.

The domination and exploitation of the natural resources and labor of underdeveloped countries.

The excessive militarization of nations and exorbitant expenditures for increasingly sophisticated weapons.

The injection of right wing politics into our educational systems and dumbing-down and brain-washing of the mentality of the masses of underclasses.
And on and on.  

All of this is demonstrating the horrific success of free enterprise capitalism.  

Free enterprise capitalism is relentlessly paving the way for our extinction on a highway littered with billboards and enchanting neon-lights promising pseudo happiness but delivering us over the cliff of extinction. 

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