Monday, January 10, 2011

Three poems by George McKim

our last mental summer

blood rattles in its cage, a
bouquet of breathless air. an
endless glitter of heat. scars and
fingers breathing asphalt

into the last mental scenes
of our noose colored summer,
that lung full of broken flowers


dark polaroid for alfred jarry

this forbidden arrangement of flowers
in thick argyle shadows
learning to be alfred jarry

underwater in the x-ray heat
orchids push out their fake organs

after and before the darkness
the sun blurts forth its inevitable sadness

a botched lobotomy of nervous gray,
my average hairdo shouts obscenities
across the cheap lipstick of september


end of the world (part 1)

everywhere the big chimneys are thin and
pale from fever, smoke-blackened like
partitions in a crypt

in the hallway of my dreams
the sky is a bruise of some sad color
a dull, infected purple
a tincture of merthiolate

clouds exhale cadavers of gray
each darkness of leaf trembles
in a vagrant palsy of wind

in the tangled wires of a dead oak
crows shout down their oily feathers

i hiss my poem into a lantern of burning grass
you were there, dressed in red clay dirt
the crematorium of your eyes, dark as blood

Author bio:

George McKim started writing poetry at fifty six. This year his poetry has been accepted for publication, or has been published in BlazeVOX, Poets & Artists, Viral Cat, Tupelo Press Sappho Poetry Project, Leaf Garden Press, 7 x 20 Journal, Eunoia, escarp, Eviscerator Heaven, Carcinogenic Poetry, Rust and Moth Journal, Hanging Moss Journal, Chicago Poetry - Cram 6, Crossing Rivers into Twilight Journal, Simply Haiku, Everyday Poets, Everyday Poets Anthology and the 2010 Nazim Hikmet Poetry Competition (chapbook available at Amazon). George is the editor of the poetry journal - Psychic Meatloaf. He also a visual artist and his artwork has been exhibited in various group shows in galleries and museums and has recently been accepted for publication in Viral Cat, Breadcrumb Scabs Poetry Journal and The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing.

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