Monday, January 10, 2011

Poems are not just about words by J.S. Watts

Poetry with spaces
its meaning
ever so slightly sideways
giving it room to breathe
opening up places
you didn’t know
were there but always were
waiting to be seen
waiting to be dreamed
leaving faint traces
of things beautifully unspeakable
that will take root
in time
and blossom
and bear fruit
and be.

Author bio:

J.S.Watts lives and writes in the flatlands of East Anglia. She has had poetry, short fiction and reviews published in a variety of magazines and publications in Britain, Canada and the States including: Acumen, Ascent Aspirations, Brittle Star, Dark Horizons, Envoi, The Journal and Orbis. Hr poetry was specially commended in the 2010 Welsh Poetry Competition. She is Poetry Review Editor for Open Wide Magazine.

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Maxwell said...

Great poem! the phrase "waiting to be dreamed" gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling.