Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two poems by Nancy Aldersmith

Two poems
by Nancy Aldersmith

Flamboyant Assassin

Flamboyant assassin,
laconic loquacious one,
split personality you charm and deceive.

You dance a systematic, synchronized ballet,
pirouetting clumsily, twirling
faster and faster toward unspeakable truth.

Paths are narrowing now,
there’s little left to do in this world -
but proceed frenetic and calm with lightning speed.


Chainsaw of Events

At dawn, a wailing chainsaw
sprinted unevenly
through the purple desert.

A lizard
crept, audaciously,
on the feather bed.

Later that morning,
distraught, a violin
flew through the rainforest.

This caused the world to collapse.

Author bio:

A writer/artist balancing several projects at once, Nancy Aldersmith's greatest joy is knowing her border collie Storm is nearby, ready for a walk or play session. Nancy resides in Vicksburg, Michigan on beautiful Indian Lake. Her art may be viewed at Nancy. Nancy’s writing and art are featured on The Writer's Eye.

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