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Five poems by Felino Soriano

Five poems
by Felino Soriano

Depending Upon the Light

Remembering translated time,
translated in tongues of
the wandering acclimation,
accumulated within hands
calloused by crossing memories,
those in which wishing to become
ascertained in removal,
fade in finding light to delve
into shadowed

Signing sans writing,
as in dawn's becoming
existential understanding,
light holds in angled
momentary music
inside dangled languages,
layered among rounded threads
of etched, newly forming


Experiment in Understanding

Detecting fathom,
following a predisposition
to faith in
soothsayers' layered, quantitative
release of several outlooks,
forecasting consequential
belief systems.
Many realizations,
many sizes forming fallacies
and delegated partial truths,
arranged inside the mind
an intuition,
priced above airily streaking avifauna,
gauging their existence with psychotropic
aerial slants of dangling variants
of self-defined falling

Proved to be existential, eerily similar
to rhyming with prevailing
calling for understanding existing among
medicated tongues
whose prescribed hallucinations
sketch a reality in the terminology
of unspecified catastrophes.


Sense of the Lepidoptera

Relative to an
unknown diversity, specializing
within a biographic disposition, its genesis
of kindness, an oddity in spiraled regards
to dialectical hurricane
conversational diagrams
called current culture,
imploding within a systematic symmetry so eerily beautiful,
butterflies become entangled
across mid-flight
while observing Homo sapiens
partaking in evidential
tongued confirmation,
slicing vernacular into foreign methodology
toward next of kin,
as in the ensuing
generations will become paleontologists

seeking while digging through familial
unfamiliarity, left behind,
splayed and sporadic species of faceless


Against the Grain, An

'How' is the understanding subsequent
through questioning vernacular, the 'of course'
of critical thinking landscaped minds,
those of an awareness fundamentally aware
of accepted culture, the trendy
diminutive, blocked roads, dead ends,
symbolic of infinite
species of gnawing,
razor-edged teeth monsters
who, with commonality, come toward inventiveness
and masticate in callous chaos.

the rearranging of cultural artistic merit
takes in contemplation,
minds of multilayered diversity,
cultural awareness, philosophic
mind philanthropy, ascertaining
beyond assumptions
the understanding of
opened comprehension
is the focal point of supreme
and nourishing catapult toward
artistic tolerance of self-reflective
acceptance in
eyes who disagree with
futuristic endeavors, poetically.


Levels of Counterbalance

Existence offers valuable destinations.
The color of monetary
merit translates dispositions of trepidation into
snorting, updated rioters of self-worth.
Fires reside,
melting merit,
along with any worth of personal
stature, status in the realm of private standing
hides its head elsewhere,
becoming born again
beneath shards of a thousand thoughts of
a retrofitted existence.
Time in invisible
movements declares the wrist of
immoveable wind breaks by
becoming reflective of Winter's
callous solstice,
whose rhythmic arrival
delineates freedom from the months of warmth,
opposite in approach of trajectory's magnitude.

Author bio:

Felino Soriano is a Californian philosophy student and case manager working with developmentally and physically disabled adults. His chapbook "Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes" was published by and is available through Trainwreck Press, 2008. The juxtaposition of his philosophical studies with his love of classic and avant-garde jazz explains his poetic stimulation. Recent poems appear at BlazeVOX, Sugar Mule, Unlikely Stories 2.0, Otoliths, Wilderness House Literary Review, among others. Visit for a complete publication history and for more information.

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