Sunday, March 23, 2008

Four themed poems by Michael Lee Johnson

Four poems
by Michael Lee Johnson
Theme: Spring


Dove Poem

I hear

scratch of

little dove feet.

I hear peck

of little dove bills

in bird seed basket

on my balcony-

in near silence

on rain-filled




overhead darkness,

cramped up with rage,

holds off a minute

so I may

hear these sounds.




more playful

than a gray

moth dancing

- skeleton wings-

and a green-eyed

cat prancing

-paws swatting-

around a

lit kerosene


-shadow boxing-

and we all

had fun

in the



Rainbow in April

April again,

the wind

falls in love with itself

skipping across asphalt

and concrete bare

with the breaking weather.

A rainbow

is half arched,

broken off deep

into the aorta

of the sky.

It hangs

from elastic

rubber bands

of mixed colors

dipped in God's



by the fingertips

of Michelangelo.

April again,

the wind steps high.


April, I've Been Fooled Before

I blink, the electricity is off.

The day has brought

night to an end on top of me.

Lamp oil and flashlights save me

from myself.

I walk in darkness.

In this darkness I don't

see my shadow.

When the wind goes still

cold chills down my spine

don't feel anymore.

I walk in darkness like this

but I've been fooled myself before

at Halloween, fears of April thunderstorms.

April thunderstorms have knocked

the lighting out of me;

pulled the electricity out of my sockets, pulled plugs from my condo.

I lie in bed with only this conversation to keep me company.

I feel like an ice cube insulated

around in my words, looking for images

in shadows, quiet corners.

I creep myself out alone.

Here I lie on my back in bed, think, then try sleep-with ghosts, witches, spiders, devils,

all kinds of nasty things.

Nothing brings Christ out of closed wilderness faster than darkness being alone.

I blink, and electricity is back on.

April, I've been fooled like this before.

Author bio:

Michael Lee Johnson is a poet, and freelance writer who has been published worldwide. He is the author of The Lost American: From Exile to Freedom, to be found at iUniverse. He is also nominated for the James B. Baker Award in poetry, by Sam's Dot Publishing. He lived in Canada during the Vietnam era and will be published as a contributor in the anthology Crossing Lines: Poets Who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War Era publication. Visit his website at: Poetry Man. Johnson is the publisher, editor of Poetric Legacy; Birds By My Window; A Tender Touch and a Shade of Blue; and Wizards of the Wind. All publications are now open for submissions.

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