Friday, March 21, 2008

Four poems by Christopher Mulrooney

Four poems
by Christopher Mulrooney

triple play

wax the fruit

as carefully as you may be

carefully able to

mince the pies

caress the

caressable hula


mambo the orchestra

manufacture the goods

single the fly

go home


Cordon Bleu

ah prose's glories are not poesy's
said the eternal lecturer in Fine Arts
mine escutcheon hath it writ
underneath wild hogs rampant
o hear the curvaceous rhythms one
deploys and say Schoenberg is noise


come on now

come on now

with the flames

and the candor of the burning

twenty-six letters

of the alphabet

and can you not make a word

to spare your life

or your town

or aught


to what Langston Hughes would call

you or




he is the fat proprietor in a comedy

of the classical stage


turn upon him

a street-level gangster

Author bio:

Christopher Mulrooney has published poems in Vanitas, Guernica, echolocation, fourW and The Delinquent.

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