Thursday, December 13, 2007

One themed poem by Justin Hyde

fish tanks full of machine guns
by Justine Hyde

and a navajo
with more soul than hemingway
leans on a telephone pole
at 34th street
waiting to sell her body
for a bag of rocks.

in the eardrums
of dust-mites

and a twelve year old
black girl
in quincy illinois
praying to a white jesus
she isn't pregnant
for the second time.

into the belly
of the sun

and the bond trader
on his seven month old

eyes in our fists
shoved into

and the trees
and the sky
and the mountains
and the bones of our ancestors

have turned their
backs to us.

Author bio:

Justin Hyde lives in Iowa where he works as a correctional officer. His first book of poems is forthcoming from the Guild of Outsider Writers.

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