Friday, May 30, 2014

War is Good for Business by Edwin L. Young, PhD

If you look beyond the US, and US controlled, national news (CNN, CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, C-Span, BBC, AlJazeera, Al Hayat, et al) there you will find an entirely different perspective on what is happening in the world.  Global Research, below, is one of those beyond the major channels that presents a wholly different message or reports about what is happening around the globe.  

It is an awful, diabolical world that TV and newspaper audiences, down home, do not get to see.  If these world events are ever covered, they are presented in a way that makes the US seem like the world's savior, the world's Superman or Batman, fighting crime, seeking justice, solving global problems, protecting the vulnerable and weak, feeding the poor, and creating a better world for all.  

The 'PR' experts that are applying cosmetics and glossing over with lies and travesties about the otherwise exploited and brutalized peoples who are sitting on their countries' natural resources.  All the while, the capitalist US and West is seizing and turning all that to their own grubby-handed profit.  The US and West continue, unfettered, in fomenting civil wars that profit the US and Western arms manufacturers and creating sweat shops for virtually slave labor to cut International Corporations' labor and raw materials costs.  If that is not categorized as blatant criminality on a global scale, then nothing is and the whole world population is free to engage in any form of criminal behavior with impunity.  

The rest of the 'whole' world population, however, is under the cruel, militaristic, iron hand of the tiny elitist international economic psychopaths and sociopaths who control the media, money, police, and military.  These CEO evil tycoons and their subordinate heads of state use well-paid US 'soldiers of fortune' and use the impoverished, gullible, macho young males in all countries on earth to ventilate and execute their bullying instincts for small pittance while they have not a clue as to what the true purposes of their warring behaviors really are.  

What a perfect system for the world's tiny, obscenely wealthy, elitists CEOs and corrupt heads of state.

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