Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Modern Day Snake Oil Hawkers by Edwin L. Young, PhD

If snake oil hawkers returned today, they could pitch their spiel over TV and the internet and make billions over night! Whoops! I forgot there already are plenty of that ilk, like peddlers of superfluous, often addictive, and even health-hazardous pharmaceuticals; nutrition denuded and health-destroying fast food; and pernicious snack foods; financial 'come-on' ripoffs; political demagogues and sneaks faking it as though touting the positions of the opposite party; sexually enticing ads drawing you in to buy in on phoney deals; and on and on down into the 'snake' pit of exploiters.

These predatory self-promoting, pretending to be ‘legitimate,’ but unconscionably and inhumanely corrupt, corporations appear in every variety and in every imaginable internet venue are already, and have been for quite some time, making billions bymongering their own modern brands of snake oil to gullible, innocent, internet curiosity seekers and devotees.

Their motto is “Caveat Emptor!” (Let the buyer beware!) Their emphasis on the “free” in free enterprise which they take to mean that they are granted license to freely rip off any and every sucker they can with impunity, of course if they can get away with it, while official commercial law in this country is so written that they are protected and invariably can!

Buyers, listen up and adopt a new slogan: "Emptor Rebellare!"  (Buyer revolt!)

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