Monday, January 7, 2013

Hashtag v. Literati by Stephanie Guo

After Julia Turner

(sell me your straight-faced
nonsense poetry.) sell me your 
penumbra, your nothing is a nothing
except the sun, your #inanelylovely,
your #thesun’sabum, your 
#screwthelinebreaksi’vegotthis, your
#puristsgonnahate. sell me 
the strappings of your similes, the
tried and trope, the truism’s that ain’t quite
aphorisms, the witticisms and –isms and pisms
and solipsisms… and yes, 
yes, i could go around licking my fingers

but (hell) you do it already,
so I won’t. octothorpes unite!squirt ink!fillpens!we


Author bits: 

Stephanie Guo's secret weakness is marzipan, although Turkish Delight comes in at a close second. She has previously been published in Hanging Loose, Front Porch Review, and Cha. 

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