Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Want Ad by Greg Willard

Want Ad (for a woman who loves sex, martial arts and science fiction and horror movies)

Looking for a we to make things between
Old style, classic inventions preferred.
Things of bronze with emerald lights, and
Bakelite dials colored vanilla malt.
Movie monster mashed a must, with
Blood rust, blood lust a definite plus.
Bugs caught in transporter booth desired
The Fly redux as buzzing bait,
Cicada-voltaic and chigger-charged
A zap to the sac that can take the heat.
Willing to fossil up reptile ways
To abbreviate forebrain and procreate.
A mantis-munch on brain of mate
Who hesitates a definite plus.
Fast learner for churning of magnetized sperm, with
Love of ionized thighs is sought.
An amperage-share package of
Power line feasts, and regression
Opportunities for that medulla ideal
Jarred for a fissioning future of waves, spiked and
Spooked with alpha, and strange.

Author bio:

Gregg Williard's fiction and poetry have appeared in Wisconsin Academy Journal, Diagram, Chronic Art, Tattoo Highway and Girls With Insurance, among others. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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