Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Jigsawn by Kathleen Kirk

We are the jigsawn, the intricate,
we deflect compliments and criticisms
equally well in our curves and hollows,
genuflect to the great similarly blue sky,
envy the edgy, the angled, the straight,
who envy us our middling invisibility,
briefly pretend to be each other until
it’s proven we don’t fit, yet again,
we jerrymandered citizens of a whole
life put together by somebody else.

Author bio :

Kathleen Kirk works in a vintage bookshop in Normal, IL but is not very normal and no longer believes in linear time. Her work appears in a variety of print and online magazines, including After Hours, Apparatus, Common Review, Poems & Plays, Oklahoma Review, Greensboro Review, and Fifth Wednesday. She writes about her quirky self and what people are reading at Wait! I Have a Blog?!.

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