Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three poems by Scott Orris

Paper Mache

Yesterday a stranger asked me;
“Hey man, what’s going on
in the world?”
Choked up and unable to respond,
I decided to strip naked
and roll around in glue and newspapers
till I was completely covered
in somebody else’s words.


The Stain

Greed is an orgasm,
a stain on an Armani suit
that won’t come out
until it’s been
washed in liquid Jesus
for six days
and then dried off with a $50 set
of Egyptian cotton towels.


Natural Selection

you know Darwin was right.
survival is a game won by
the best dressed bastard
in a police lineup
only to be turned loose
in order to kill
all those who are naked
until he’s God.

Author bio:

Scott Orris is from Mechanicsburg, PA, and is still trying to find a job in the public history field. He has been published in Clockwise Cat, Zygote in my Coffee, Gutter Eloquence, and lines written with a razor.

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