Saturday, October 30, 2010

Empty Bottle Love by David Mac

Ah, empty bottles
Is this love?

Empty bottles across
the surface
of the world,
and I’ve loved
every one of them.

I held every one
close to me,
close enough,
all that I need.

And I’ve kissed
each of them,
I’ve licked at
every long neck,
coz what is
love but
something you
suck up?

something that
tastes good?
something that
fills your
mad belly?
that messes you
up, that
you strange?
makes you
lean and sway,
growl and

And you know
no good for you,
you knew it
all the time,
knew it
straight from
the start,
when it
came along,
when it was
so full.


Ah empty bottles,
they never
then they’re gone
for good,

to sit and
taunt you,
and you see
what you had,
what you did,
and did you feel
better for it?

No matter.
Don’t fret.
Just look about
for the next
one, the
next full one
to open
up and

It’s a thirst
will never end.

Author bio:

David is a 32-year-old unemployed forklift driver whose work has been accepted by Ambit, Mud Luscious, This Zine Will Change Your Life, Poetry Over Coffee, United Press, Monkey Kettle, Clockwise Cat, Urban District Writer, erbacce, Urban Landscapes, Neon Highway, KRAX, Moodswing, Decanto, Global Tapestry Journal, Obsessed With Pipework, Word Riot, as well has being a featured poet on The Poetry Kit’s ‘Caught On The Net’. He was voted Monkey Kettle’s voted Poet of the Year 2009. His chapbooks available are ‘The Luton Ghoul Booms’ and ‘Happiness was a Fool we used to Know’ from He is currently working on a new chapbook due to be published by erbacce press.

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