Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Love Poem (Tweet Poetry) by Richard D. Farrell

“That which we call a rose/ By any other word would smell as sweet.”-Juliet

Thank you beautiful and Happy Canada Day to you dear one! Blessings and LOVE
New patient: Doctor you are very happy... I love you. (She made my day!)
OMG YEHH ! YOU KILLLEEDDD IT ! Gmtv Crew Love You More Than Words Can Explain :)
received a nice book in the mail. the work of Bansky... To Sarah: love your letter. & the book! thank u very much xo

MLB Predictions – Pitcher’s Duel on Tap in Rubber Match between Rangers and Angels
Stocks to Close Gap With Property Chart of Day: Property prices rose 12.4 percent from
lebron bulls you know you want to be the next basketball legancy .You have Noah for heart and rose for natural talent

Engagement off: Ruby Rose dumped

I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor (8) stop telephone me!
playing the ish outta me, heart broken.
I heart BBQ food. :)

if you wanna get at one of my girls .. then get at them .. I am not cupid
Why is it that all my str8 friend always want me to "put them down" with girls? thefuck I look like? cupid
So Cupid doin the McCafe shuffle now..oh ok i ain’t knockin him tho prolly made more money off that commercial anyway...
"Man fuck love she don’t believe in cupid"

Sources indicate that Celtics are only team Paul Pierce is currently engaged with as free agency begins
I just got engaged to Elizabeth Taylor
OMG: Zoe Saldana Is Engaged!
Talked to my friend on the phone for 30 mins and then she tells me she is engaged. I told her in journalism that’s called burying the lead

Author bio:

Richard Farrell is currently a Senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago studying Secondary English Education. Who wouldn’t want to be paid to read and share good books, mark up papers with red pens, and take summers off?

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