Saturday, October 30, 2010

done in the eye by Levi Wagenmaker

a straight line drawn between two points
cannot help being the partial visualisation
of either an imaginary line of infinite length
in case the measure of the universe at large
as such should be infinity or otherwise of an
equally imaginary and immense loop without
any real beginning or end and thus representing
one-dimensional infinity and if somehow from
opposite ends of such endlessness that loop
could be slightly stretched as well as fully twisted
that would transform it into the mathematical symbol
resembling the number eight reclining on its side
and representing the concept of infinity in an
easier to handle manner as if in confirmation of
the undeniable truth of one of the consequences
of infinity's reality to wit that within infinity size
is meaningless and cannot therefore matter in any
other than subjective sense so that anyone tempted
by potions or lotions or balms or capsules assuring
users of adding (at least) one extra inch to one specific
instance of size thought by a substantial part of half
the world's population to matter would be well advised
to consider that size is largely in the eye of the beholder

Author bio:

Levi Wagenmaker (1944 - ) is a retired journalist, living in the Netherlands for most of the year, and in France for some of it, with three bitches, two of whom are dogs. Enamoured life-long with language (and languages), for reasons immaterial to the act he writes poetry in English only, even if he could most likely manage it in a few other tongues. His poems have been published on line more than in print, and Google will tell the curious what, where, and when.

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