Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two poems by John Grey

Two poems
by John Grey


I am bored by
feeding the hungry,
healing the sick.
These good deeds
no longer gratify
but take away from what
I should be doing.
I don’t know what
I should be doing.
Self-sacrifice has not only
done away with my will
to follow my own interests
but the map that shows me
how to get there from here.
I’m stuck in altruism,
floating in a sea
of my better nature.
I can’t even drown in it
for fear that I might
rescue me.



here I am
digging in the sand again,
not for a shell,
I have a ton of those,
nor a shark bone,
I've already bones enough
for fifteen necklaces,
and sea-molded stones
are fine in there way,
but who needs a pebble

what kind of person
would bury nothing
in a place it never was
just so it never could
be found

I'd answer
but I don't
know who's

Author bio:

John Grey is an Australian-born poet, and a US resident since late seventies. He works as financial systems analyst. He has been recently published in Connecticut Review, Kestrel and Writer’s Bloc with work upcoming in Pennsylvania English, Alimentum and the Great American Poetry Show.

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Anonymous said...

Very funny...you left a smile on my lips.