Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ablaze by Michael McAloran

by Michael McAloran

the jailers keys rattle

my skull ejects

I vomit white sunlight

the black hearse shears

infinite devoid of meaning

flesh unravelling flesh

dense blood back-rolling eye

terrors ejaculations

I can hear the horses at


echoes of necks bound snapping


shadowy devoid

I slip into demise catch an

echo of bone burning snap

into the distance

my existence ablaze ice-white

Author bio:

Michael McAloran was Belfast born. His family moved to the south of Ireland due to 'The Troubles'. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, living for brief spells in both Holland and Italy. He elected to study Fine Art & Design, but left after one disillusioned year. He still continues to paint pretty obsessively when he can afford to. He has been wrting poetry for almost a decade but has only recently begun to submit. He has been published by 'Poetry Monthly International', (U.K), 'Lines Written W/A Razor', (Canada), 'The Gloom Cupboard', (U.S), and 'Counterexample Poetics', (U.S) and has work forthcoming with 'The Delinquent', (U.K), 'Full OF Crow', (U.S), 'Deep Tissue', (U.S) 'Origami Condom', (U.S) and also at 'BlazeVox', (Fall Edition 2009), (U.S). His first published book, entitled 'In The Black Cadaver Light' was published by 'Poetry Monthly Press', (U.K).

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