Monday, February 15, 2010

Pluto's Friend by Scott Orris

Pluto’s Friend
by Scott Orris

While chasing moon shadows on a scarlet lake,
I hear a voice…

“Ignorance is indeed bliss.”

Strolling along the water in my Ray-Bans and Armani suit,
I slip on a $13 bill. Hurt and writhing in pain on the ground, I roll over
to catch a glimpse of an epitaph on a nearby grave which reads…

“Overconfidence is nihilism.”

As I dust myself off, I admire my shadow as it
descends over the nearby gypsies and beggars until
one stabs me in the back screaming...

“Those who are wisest will always seek the wisdom of those wiser then themselves.”

Pulling out the dagger of truth, staggering into the arms of a
High Priestess crying, bleeding and begging for a sign, she throws me to the ground
and rips off my expensive clothes, pointing to the pasture declaring…

“Socrates said: know thy self.”

With blurred vision, fixed skyward at the moon in stoic poise,
I stand naked in a field of eyes reciting my name
over and over…

Author bio:

Scott Orris lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He has a B.A. in History, and is trying to find a job in the public history field.

Artist bio:

Photograph by Tony Polain. His photography can be viewed at his Flickr stream.

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