Monday, February 15, 2010

Melting Clocks by June Nandy

Melting Clocks
by June Nandy

It’s been a year I ransacked Dali.

I should’ve been warned

the melting clocks are persistent.

The first half of the term

it lampooned the rickety feet

of my forward marching

zero-like chronometer;

how the time gains lucre

out of everything nebbish.

It is now June of my growth;

the clocks have abandoned the wrists

they are either a diadem or a necklace

sometimes even the compact upon my face

as La persistencia de la memoria.

Author bio:

June Nandy has been published by Sein und Werden, TajMahal Review, Up The Staircase, Gloom Cupboard, Decanto Magazine, Kota Press, Malaysian Poetic Chronicles, Poetry Super Highway, Heavy Bear and Clockwise Cat.

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