Wednesday, July 30, 2008

There is No War by Edwin Young

There is No War
by Edwin Young


It is disgusting how the media keeps referring to our presence in Iraq as "The War". It is not a war. It is an "Occupation". There is no enemy (Iraq); there is only the "Occupied" nation of Iraq. There is nothing to win!! You cannot win an Occupation; you can only get out! Get out and pay for the damage the US has done to the innocent Iraqis and compensate the families of the millions of Iraqis who died at the hands their occupiers. And we all know what the occupation is really about, do we not? I 'you' do not know, then wake up.

All media channels that perpetuate this kind of language either are idiots or are involved in some kind of conspiracy. This language is perpetuating a heinus myth. You who use this language are perpetuating a horrid pseudo war. If there is the possibility of some kind of conspiracy, the responsible investigative reporters should do everything possible to uncover and expose it, them, loudly and repetitively.

Which of you has the courage to stop this nonsense?

Who among you has the intelligence and ethical responsibility to impugn, and counter with the correct language, those politicians who continue to refer to our involvement with Iraq as "The Iraq War" and imply by subtle insinuation that the Iraqi people are "The Enemy"?

As Peanuts once so wisely said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Author bio:

Edwin Young is working on a book tentatively called, "Can There Be a Paradigm Shift in Psychotherapy?" Links to some of his essays can be found at The Natural Systems Institute.

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