Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Four themed poems by KC Wilder

Four themed poems
by KC Wilder

rash #94: travelogue

if i’d gone to tonawanda
in my dinged and tarnished honda,

i might know the benefits of breathing soot-soaked air!

but i’m loath to speak of it — i never did go there.


rash #44: the orange and green ne’er do wells organic limousine

there is no force anywhere
that can stop this dream machine
it runs on velvet blobs of steam
it dont need no gasoline
the orange and green ne’er do wells organic limousine

two internal two external
piston rods clink up and down
distinct personality in its look and in its sound

like a butterfly it quivers
to and from the mind’s garage
no buford pusser1 anywhere
can get inside this dream machine

happy spirits flowing out of
spit shined tailpipes ultra clean
the orange and green ne’er do wells organic limousine

1 buford pusser, the sanctimonious redneck vigilante portrayed in the 1970s hit movie ‘walking small’.


rash #38: paul gauguin in the 21st century

in a steamy tenement hallway not so far from here
hesitating briefly for the drying of his tears
clutching in his hands
the ashes of a paintbrush and a pen

paul gauguin in the 21st century

not beholden in his way to anyone
he comes again

quite distinctive in his stride
not unlike his longtime friend
van gogh through the stratosphere
descending yet again

paul gauguin in the 21st century

limitations aren’t real
he’ll say before he flits away
ginsberg with an eyebrow glazed

on a distant stairway pissing
nouveau mutant duchamp
nouveau mutant duchamp

ideas proust has kept concealed
imposing like a gladiator
waving sword and shield

tapping me on my left shoulder
handing me a dharma wheel

turn it round says paul gauguin
send your sultry soul and spirit into gads eternity

i’m surprised and honored by him
reaching out and helping me
even with my slowness in the presence of infinity

paul gauguin in the 21st century


#25: hitler’s sous chef

diligently working
in a dark ungodly hole
hitler’s sous chef comes alive
cooking uranium 235

Author bio:

KC Wilder is a poet, multimedia artist, short-story writer, and musician. Stylistically, the work can be approximately described as Richard Brautigan meets ee cummings, with touches of Neruda, Merwin, Emily Dickinson, Lester Bangs, Bukowski, Berryman, and Ted Geisel. His art and writings have been anthologized in hundreds of publications worldwide, including recently, The Seattle Review, Poetry New Zealand, Lichen, The Pacific Review, Contemporary Rhyme, Barnwood Poetry Magazine and The Feathertale Review. Wilder has performed with a 40-piece classical orchestra as a singer, has written music, performed, and criss-crossed America singing and playing guitar in a variety of bands. In the past he has taught writing at the university level. You can view more of his work at Faux Brow.

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