Thursday, July 24, 2008

One themed story by Nancy Famolari

by Nancy Famolari

"Doc, I got a problem with my frog. He thinks he's a shrink," said Edgar

"What, you say your frog is shrinking? Is he getting smaller, or does he only think he is?"

"No, not shrinking. He thinks he's an analyst."

"He thinks he's an animal. But that is only natural. It is what he is."

"You're not getting it, Doc. He thinks he's a psychiatrist. He goes around telling people to lie on the couch so he can analyze them, and he's grown a mustache."

"He thinks he is a psychiatrist. Ah, this is very serious and the mustache, very serious indeed. You must bring him to see me at once."

Edgar rushed to the psychiatrist' s office. The frog hopped in wearing a three piece suit and sporting a handlebar mustache. The doctor took one look, gasped and ushered him into his consulting room.

Three hours later the door opened. The doctor shook hands with the frog. "Very enlightening, your comments on the reversion of the ego, Dr. Freud," he said.

"Is he going to be all right, Doc?" asked Edgar.

"All right, all right? Your frog is a genius. I am taking him in as my partner."

Author bio:

Nancy Famolari is retired. She lives with her husband, five horses, two dogs and five white cats on a farm in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. Her stories and poems have appeared in Long Story Short, Flash Shot, Fiction Flyer, Lyrica, and Matters of the Heart from the Museitup Press. She received an award from Fiction Flyer for one of her flash fiction stories.

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