Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One poem by Patricia Bonhert

By grace and by God
by Patricia Bonhert

And then there is the scum,
The dirt sucking, the word is against me, scum
Evil worms with red eyes and bulges
Those who traverse the room under the rug.

If we could but step on them like roaches
Hearing the crack of their black back shells
Under the heel of humanity’s foot
We would breathe clean, fresh air.

But, like Medusa’s hair snakes
When cut from the writhing scalp
They multiply in plenty and
Charge us again, again and again.

Author bio:

Patricia Bonhert has technical articles on flooring published in industry magazines and has edited industry newsletters. Her poetry has been published online in The Green Silk Journal and The Hess Quarterly. Bonhert received a second place award for her poems Tariffs on Shoes and Winter on My Cheek in Reflections, a library publication. A short story called George and Chocolate Ice Cream has been published. You can view George at Halfway Down The Stairs. Bonhert shares ownership and writing responsibility on a travel website, Realty Home Club

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