Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two poems by Andrew Taylor

Two poems
by Andrew Taylor

The Raindrops Are The Melodies And The Snow Is The Drums

this distance this differing time zone
from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz
the surf whitens diffidently

I feel travel free newspapers on aeroplanes

Pacific Coast Highway versus 101
think of Depeche Mode and Pasadena
a strange state of mind

I smell the wash from here


Elegiac Stanzas
for Clare Greenhalgh

Embrace this open season
buds turn skywards
shore sand raked spring an

endless seed of mystery

Decoration comfort zone
defer descent into dust
deep breathe air a freshness

coppice-like activity of desire

Horizon cleared term-time
a newness of form
descends blue afternoon

through bold positive thought

Author bio:

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool-based poet and co-editor of erbacce and erbacce-press. Latest appearances on-line and in the small press include: Otoliths, Silenced Press, Debris Magazine, Type A B +,The Ugly Tree, Zygote in my Coffee, Origami Condom and Ditch.

Editor's note: 'Elegaic Stanzas' was broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside.

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