Monday, January 28, 2008

One flash fiction by Janine Bouyssounouse

By Janine Bouyssounouse

It was stated in the clause known as the Santa clause that any person shooting and killing Santa Claus would automatically become the new Santa Claus.

Yes, it was cliché. Yes, it was ironic, but so it was.

The Christmas Robber who had robbed so many houses that night alone, who was startled by Santa and thus shot Santa became the new Santa and was compelled to undo his robbery wrongs for the rest of his life, which was long since Santa lives until the next person kills him.

Author bio:

Janine Bouyssounouse lives in South Dakota and works on an educational website while working as a temp. The term starving artist can be applied. She was a camp counselor, accounts payable clerk, wife, textbook buyer, business analyst and teacher. It took all of her experiences and education to work with at-risk teenagers and convince them high school graduation was a good idea. Now she tries to help teachers and parents through creative educational supplementary materials.

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