Monday, August 20, 2007

Poetry by R. Jill Fink

A Day at the Grocery Store: 2014
by R. Jill Fink

"Stand back" was the last
that I heard before the crack
of the bat
I'm flat on my back
Aghast at the force of the attack

It's all about class
who's first in the caste
you're dead last
Almost ended your life,
but you survived the Big Blast

It's a pecking order backed
by the fat cats
at the White House
imagine that

And only the strong survive

"It's a grenade pin!"
No, just a cherry stem

Another rat-a-tat-tat then a smack
from the produce section
Heads turn, but not fast
we're used to this kind of crap

More food for us

Author bio:

Jill is a native Floridian now happily living in Atlanta. A writer of haiku, fiction, and poetry, she is also a cat enthusiast, a glass artist, a painter, sculptor and general all-around Renaissance woman. She can rebuild your carburetor, install your koi pond, redecorate your den and bake a mean lime chiffon cake. You can find her at

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