Monday, August 20, 2007

Poetry by Felino Soriano

Four poems
by Felino Soriao

Juxtaposition Houses Many Syllables

Dust in the accent of eye coverings

covers ensuing with eccentric,

eclectic modes of tonal grandeur.

Grandeur never before intertwined

with dust

suffused juxtaposition

toward enhancing vernacular,

a mobile language ambulatory

conveying in directions of formerly

concealed mathematics,


ably explained in three

or less steps for the average,

uninspired passerby.

Focal points

highly advantaged as in higher

classes of dispositional ataraxia

claiming overwhelming diagrams

attached to self interpretations,

whose various views

form innovation

in sporadic spirals,

dialectical dialect, philosophical instrument,

one side dominant, crawling gradation

enhances only when understood,

differing equals the genetic

make up of surrounding



Concepts, Genesis of Categories

Monotony desires transformation,

remedy, medicinal metaphor

molded by moving forward,

a facet worthy of becoming


with strangeness,

unique to that

or those unwilling to reshape

solitude masks,

akin to alphabetic infancy.


outlines, shaping ideas into

modes of living confessions,

eyes believe visual breaths,

their twirling brand of acrobatic


constituting created imagery

within the mind’s pseudo confines,

allowing rearranging metaphors,

compliance with preconceived colorless



approach blinding dawn,

openings encroach upon stylistic feasts

in which believers in such concepts must


and call upon imaginative species

of the minds’ uncalled upon,


the lit-by-torch portions where

darkness and the uncategorized reside

and monotony makes its mundane,

atavistic home.


The Act of Fathoming Constructs

Simultaneous Desires

Twisting among the wind’s

disposition: brown, left for dead leaves,

skinny broken-off

branches, imaginative mind of a mimicking


constructing with myriad strokes

swoosh, swoosh

repeated with effectual diligence

various interpretations read aloud

atop canvas of tonal comfort.

Fathoming dialects spoken across desired

whereabouts, keys open locked lips of night’s

transgressional lack of light,

spilling then

thin though

adequate acquaintance, akin to light,

moon, her scraping of skin from eloquent

elbow provided ample species

of specialized vision,

artist continued in mimicking of wind’s

hard to imitate invisible disposition.


Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes

Related to understanding

myriad interpretations,

interpretations of natural specializations not needed,

for the various tonal beauty

found within vegetation,

functioning spontaneity establishes

regal myriad of trees

whose height in a majestic pierce, posits natural

dominance among stilled vernacular,

valued at various degrees

dependent upon solidified slant of layered light,

specialized velocity,

volume of display

and willingness to become

part of effectual landscape suspended

across a furrowed dimension of dedicated



in common with intellectual endeavors,

those with common sense minds positing

facts available in abstractions,

contoured construction

of thought meant to seduce

silence into becoming gregarious,

as in ugliness burgeoning gorgeousness.

For so very long understanding has been


Syllables leap off tongues

tearing away distress,

dressed in hurried attributes

awaiting to be heard in aggravated terms,

where terminology

is translated in foreign tongues

and the habitual ensuing of misunderstandings

leave trails of fractured syllables atop


answers where pedestrians


metaphysical questioning.

Exercising an existence toward

understanding reality’s awareness,

rising among philosophical interpretations

spreading across

universal speech,


Plato’s theory of ideas

brought upon critical thinkers’


to become parallel with reality

or ersatz reality,

the mind can ascertain or erase

complicated schemas in facets

with dispositions of displaying

neon modes, moods, twirling

tightly within upgraded life expectancies

in this neotype world of translucency.

Fabrications become formulations

as in the à la mode formations displayed

across culture’s diligent and

pungent popularity


various views atop winged media,

melting truncated topics

dedicated to polarizing

and desensitizing,

marketing magic charms

made available

for those whose reason has dissipated

when darkness reveals the moon’s

manmade chapped


Metaphors are interpretations

of reality’s allusions,

dedicated hands twirl in mathematic


signing in guided visuals a methodology

of transparent advice,

apparent tribute

to those aware with the open eyes.

Author bio:

Felino Soriano, from Caifornia, a philosophy student and behavioral assistant, finds classic and avant-garde jazz muses, juxtaposed with philosophical studies, one can ascertain his poetry inspirations. His poetry appears or is forthcoming in Silent Actor, Pen Himalaya, Breed Press, Bolts of Silk, Wet Asphalt, among others.

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