Monday, November 25, 2013

Two poems by Kathryn Yuen

Who the f#%k  is Derrida?

And Sappho ?
And Batho ?

You have trespassed
onto my private poetry haven.

Nuked my pleasure.

Like nose rings and nipple
rings and ‘greek flute’ rings
on a Christian minister or
Buddhist monk…..

You don’t belong.

Get!  and take Icarus with you.


Homer of Simpsons
And MadMen of TV


Turn polite and attentive to
their partners or comforters

Like mere mortal males
There is an uncomfortable

Dangerous buildup of sperm
During the ratings and mating



a Rorschach blot on
Brad Pitt’s butt.
The inkings of a drug-sick
Drug-high tattoo-artist
Who’d rather paint walls


Icarus with concrete boots and
wings stiff with copious birdshit

there are

Turns of phrase to end hostilities or
Kiss away sorrow or tweak pleasure


Re-created as a hard bowel movement


The alchemy of turning honey into @#$%
Is ordinary everyday immanence.
Author bio: 
Kathryn is a poet, writer, playwright, theatre reviewer, and storyteller. She has been published in ZineWest, Social Alternatives, Otoliths, Chrysanthemum, Poetry d'Amour 2013 - Love Poems for Valentine's Day, RedRoom's Disappearing app, various anthologies, and online. Her plays have been read and staged by PlayWriting Australia, Short&Sweet, and as part of Women Power and Culture by Sydney's New Theatre. Her work has also won awards. She adores mucking about with words and telling stories. It's better than playing with knives or other people's decapitated bodyparts. She figures she can't get put away just for writing stuff. 

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Peter Bowden said...

The first one was great, One of the great stories, real poetry...The second one made no sense. At least to this reader.. Peter B