Friday, November 22, 2013

Eco Terrorism? by Melissa Fry Beasley

I guess we shouldn't be surprised
Or have our minds blown
Like bombs and bullets
When we as protestors
Are treated not as activists
But instead terrorists
We have Kent State & Occupy
May Day in Seattle & D.C.
We are damned for forgetting our crumbs
And eying the tables of the wealthy few
Thoughts pass through walls
Like stories in our jails
Stuck in bonds because of poverty
When slappsuits
Work like gag orders
Keeping truth under wraps
Foreign corporations and the almighty dollar
The only religion we have left
Rules can change
Even on how one becomes a saint
We all have a price
Commodities bought and paid for
Another resource
Until there is nothing left
To be taken from you or me
Eminent domain of the spirit
Enslaving the mind
Until the body follows after
Living dead
Working stiffs
Paying tribute to puppets & shadows
We are only free
In dreams and death

Author bio:
Melissa Fry Beasley is a Humanistic poet of Cherokee origin, who resides in Oklahoma. Through the written and spoken word, she examines the gap between the ideal and the reality involved in living in our world during this time. Her work is both personal and subjective, yet she does not turn aside from the political and social issues of her environment. She is a woman who seeks to express her individual perspective and needs while accepting the diversity involved in questions of gender, race and culture. Melissa believes that change is necessary and deploys her writing to reflect her personal experience in the wider sociopolitical context. She is Literary Editor for Churn: an Art, Music & Fashion Magazine and is a columnist at Yareah Magazine. She has published extensively.

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