Monday, January 7, 2013

Who Stole the World and How Did They Do It? by Edwin Young

I have been thinking about this for days, well weeks or months really.  I hate to say a single word about it anymore as it seems to me like I have beaten through the skin of that drum.  Why string a new one on?  Still, it just nags at me in the back of my mind all of the time.

That thing is Corpocracy (usually spelled Corporatocracy- too awkward!). I started writing about it around 1997 and wrote about it from many perspectives. Then in Bush’s second term, around 2007, I noted, from observing movements on the stock market, something strange. 

I had a hunch that big corporations were buying back their stocks by starting a selling run and when investors followed suit, they bought back at rock bottom prices.  Then their stocks would start up and when very high, they would sell a few and make big profits so they could repeat this cycle. I checked my assumptions by looking at sites only visited by corporate insiders and there I found confirmation - right there in the open in print.  
I also found that big corporations were taking advantage of the housing bust.  

Of course, you know how the S & L manipulated that market by using the notorious derivatives. But the big corporations kept track of where foreclosures were and if those were where they had central offices or factories, they would by them at rock bottom prices.  Then, when they wanted to move top executives around the country, instead of inducing  them to move with increased salaries, they would offer, rent free, very find homes they had bought as low priced foreclosures. 

At the same time, I noticed that their liquidity or cash on hand was increasing by leaps and bounds.  I thought, what are they going to do with all that cash if they are not investing for a ROI.  Well, it turned out that they could borrow at rock bottom interest beginning at that time.  By using that money they could expand overseas so as to use very cheap labor.  The maquiladoras on the US – Mexico border was one on many instances of this and everyone knows about China and India’s cheap labor.  Thus the rush to outsourcing.  The multi-nationals were expanding like a hutch of well-fed, predator-free, rabbits.  

Now the spooky thing is that at the helm of all of this was the Federal Reserve, especially beginning with Allan Greenspan, and the Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin along with Larry Summers, chair of Economic Advisors, all in cahoots with Hank Paulsen, ex Goldman Sachs CEO and author of the Bailout fiasco, were all benefactors of the bogus, diversionary, financial news cleverly put on by most of the major media channels owned (You guessed it!) by huge corporations. 

Almost no one but the most insider-ish of the insiders knew what was going on.  Reagan, Pappy Bush, Clinton, and Baby Bush were all co-conspirators and were collaborating with the Saudi Royal family and the huge British banking cabal. 

The drop in oil prices circa 2000 was followed by the sudden meteoric rise in oil and gas prices which we now have.  They were all co-equal partners in this scam.  The Corprocrats also have the lobbyists in their corner as well.  So, tip toe by tip toe, for at least the last forty-two years, they, the shadow Corprocrats, have been sneaking along on cloud nine in the stratosphere, gaining control of international corporations and markets and supplanting our ‘legitimate’ government with their shadow Corpocracy.

I’m just sayin'. 

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