Monday, January 7, 2013

Two poems by Michael Lee Johnson

Moon Sleep

I stick
my hand
out toward
the sea,
roll out my palm.
I offer a plank,
a trail for you.
Follow out into the water
and the salty stars.
When you stretch out
and give your heart
to this final moment
of the glass night sky,
draw me in -
sketch my face
on the edge
of our moon-
over ages of celestial
moon sleep and dust.


Dancer of the Shoe Poem

Dancer of the shoe poem,

I trip over your shoe string

dress or gown

and keep walking with a beat,

you're missing a step,

let me take you there,

or did the ghost of the night

take your slippers away -

move right, slightly left,

back one half-step.

Dancer of the shoe poem,

it's my duty

to take you away

in a love feast.

Thank you for this dance.

Author bits: 

Michael Lee Johnson lived 10 years in Canada during the Vietnam Era. He now lives in Itasca, IL, and runs seven poetry sites. He has many videos on YouTube (poetrymanusa), has four books/chapbooks, and has been published in 25 countries as of this date. You may peruse his works at

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