Sunday, January 13, 2013

Does The Boatman Accept Plastic? by David Mac

A siren?
Police fire ambulance?
Trouble fear death?
Scream if you must
But that’s in the distance
That’s not here

Town traffic knows best
Busy daytime noon
Grinding nightmare
Going nowhere
And humans made of meat
Back and forth
Stuffed full of worries
And thoughts
But wriggling
On the hook
On the fire

To shops (mainly)
To buy some stuff
To get some shit
To purchase some things
before they die

Before they die
Before they die
To get some shit
before they die

They won’t die
They got money
They got possessions
Wallets thick as bricks

They ignore the sirens
Like they ignore death
Eyes drool on shop windows
Cash queue notes and change

Accept cheques?
Accept plastic?
You cunt?

An ambulance speeds through
They never blink
Never flinch
Never see a thing

And blue sky
All the clouds

Author bits:

David Mac is one of the greatest forklift drivers to emerge from the UK in recent years. His poems can be found in many mags, journals, sites, zines and blogs. He has various collections out, inclucing collections with Erbacce Press, Knive Forks and Spoons Press, Writing Knights Press, and Like This Press. He is also the editor of Meat Songs magazine. To contact, email him at

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