Monday, January 7, 2013

Criminality in the Modern Global ‘Community’ by Edwin Young

Capitalism is a criminal economic system and free enterprise is a criminal enterprise. Nothing can be done about it. Even geniuses are mentally confined to the tiny domains of their discipline and not inclined to comprehend, critique, or reform the wider world with its impending disasters.

Religions keep people searching for inner peace and maintaining the traditions of their petite provincial realms within the globe’s nations. Politicians are myopically focused on power and are subservient to corporations focused on profiteering regardless of how lethal to the populace-their witless customers. Giant factories are spewing pollutants into the air and water. Skyscrapers are consuming vast amount of energy. Corporate funded foundations are controlling higher education. Food producers are poison peddlers inducing obesity and all kinds of illnesses. Mammoth merchant ships are defecating flotsam and jetsam throughout the oceans.

Thousands of passenger planes, with their elongated chemtrails (not necessarily related to the conspiracy theory chemtrails), are toxic to the atmosphere circling the earth. Rich western nations are exploiting the natural resources and laborers of poor ones. The military-industrial complex is depleting the nation’s wealth and ravaging underdog nations if not collaborating with the CIA in deposing or assassinating disobedient heads of state.

Mathematical geniuses on Wall Street and in gargantuan financial institutions are ripping off gullible investors with their secret hedge funds and devious derivatives. Pharmaceutical corporations are addicting whole populations to unnecessary drugs with debilitating, mentally numbing, and even lethal side effects. Historians proceeding from elitist families wax on about how glorious are the past militaristic leaders, with their dreams of empire, who needlessly wreaked havoc over many the less-well-armed nations to confirm their power.

All this done as media mavens are busy brainwashing their ever-wider unsuspecting and enthralled audiences so that all the aforementioned criminals not only get off scot free but are anointed with garlands really meant for true, ethically motivated heroes who have fallen obscurely forgotten into dusty archives, and on and on.

Who can, and if they can will they, get their heads around this baffling predicament and then do something about it.

Am I being too Pollyanna-ish?

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