Monday, January 7, 2013

Are You Sure You Want to Download the Following? by Michael Malpiedi

Program: lonliness.exe
She clicked and ran the installer
Years before our shared connection.
Since she likes to create icons
In desktop chest
And arm, leg folders,
Laceration files
Holding broken text documents

I can’t help it.breast
I feel alone here.leftthigh
I miss you.rightforearm

I just cant do this anymore.hereyes

 And my lips open each.
Double click,
      Save files.
            Are you sure you want to proceed?

Question from breathless operating system.
Yes, I want to download-
Save as: I want to feel it
Save as: Let me take it from you
Put in drive heart:\chambers\thisiswhatyoumeantome\unafraid

I kiss and copy each
In hopes of erasing
And making room in her
For a better life
Before I again become nothing
But stored data.

Author bits: 

Michael Malpiedi is a young poet currently living in Boulder, CO while completing his Master’s of Writing and Poetics at Naropa University.  Michael has been writing, reading, studying, and performing poetry for the past eight years.  He has been published in journals such as the Bridge and the Boston Intercollegiate Poetry Festival Chapbook.  He has also received honors from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in the categories of closed form poetry and non fiction interview.  Michael has also been an active spoken word poet putting on several shows during his Undergrad featuring poets such as Alysia Harris, Carlos Andres Gomez, and Brook Yung.  You can read more of his work at  http:/ 

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