Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vacuum Sinister by DeWitt Brinson

You shiny exclamation point
emote messy kisses to my calves
they will date you if'n you use clearasil
or a shiny pick-up line about
devils eating my pick-up truck

my cellphone is electrical
it's smarter than a penny!

the sheen of clearasil on your
last demon made me cling
to the cleft verbs WHAM!
I'm sorry, I mean to say

Yes, Sir

Please let me out of prison, sir
I am a clean reborn, sir
I do not dream of evil, sir
ain't even got a dictionary, sir
I will go on a date, sir

you'll see

I am shiny as a puppy in pampers
I am shiny

I should be free

I am shiny

Author bio:

DeWitt Brinson ran alongside a monster twice in his life. The first time he won. The second time he won. Do you have a fast monster? DeWitt Brinson will outrun him for you. This is what DeWitt Brinson does. Hooray for DeWitt Brinson!

1 comment:

Timothy Carroll said...

I like your style Dewitt. Where else can I find your poems?