Friday, April 29, 2011


Catatonically Speaking: We are Wisconsin

Just say FUCK NO! to eBooks! (Polemic) by Alison Ross
Spinning Out of Control (Polemic) by Sheila Samples
A Broader Look at the Egyptian Revolution (Polemic) by Edwin L. Young
There's an App for That (Satire) by Matt Kolbet
Father Comes to Breakfast (Satire) by Omar ZahZah
Teetering on the Brink of Totalitarianism (Polemic) by Giles Watson
Fact-free Truth, Evidence-based Heresy (Satire) by Gil A. Waters
Petroleum Pelican (Satire) by John A. Ward
Beware of Work, or How to Become a Zen-Surrealist-Socialist (Polemic) by Alison Ross


Daytime reeks by Stephanie Smith
Thanatos by June Nandy
Fugue in A Minor by Tyler King
Three poems by David McLean
Two poems by Jacob Russell
Here it Comes Again by James Babbs
Down at the bottom by Sally Mercer
I have outgrown your artificial limitations by Martin Freebase
Three poems by Suzanne White
Three poems by Felino Soriano
Two poems by John Pursch
Two poems by Joseph DiLella
{Pope Alexander} by SJ Fowler
two deaths: charles bukowski and mr. rogers by Carl Kavadlo
Two poems by James Owens
Music is Like Sex by Peter Fernbach
Two poems by Ian Probstein
Two poems by Omar Azam
I worked Fifteen Months Doing Data Entry in Tuscon by Michael Frissore
Howard and Graciella by David Alpaugh
Two poems by Antonia Clark
Two poems by Amit Parmessur
Three poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
City Symbiosis by David Hill
Christ at K-Mart by Steve De France
On the two lane highway we change our Max West
Scanning the News at 6:00 am by Ruth D. Handel
Two poems by Ed Higgins
Cock Don't Droop for Allen Ginsberg by David Mac
A Near Life Experience by A.J. Huffman
curling the omnivorous plenipotentiaries by Heller Levinson

K.M. Dersley's Management Gold Not Me (Book review) by JS Watts
David McLean's Puppies and Monks and Medieval Memories (Book review) by Gillian Prew
Fish Tank (Film review) by Joseph DiLella
Gillian Prew's In The Broken things (Book review) by David McLean
Bright Eyes at their Brightest (CD review of The People's Key) by Alison Ross
The Tantalizing Discretions of the Heart (Film review of Secretos del Corazon) by Alison Ross
Verse Subversions (Book review of Revolution of the Word) by Alison Ross
Atlanta Band Round-Up (CD reviews of Mermaids, The Clap, Abby GoGo)

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