Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two poems by Lawrence Gladeview

for Albert Camus and the Alger-Republicain

a congressional dome
italian marble melanin
gold-trimmed perpendicular polygons
a trinity of circular lights circumvent
seated ceiling crusaders
citizen mob cries of disfavor and inclusion

seven blocks south, an amateur mother nurses
cries of necessity and endearment
when father returns home
gold-trimmed perpendicular polygons


“That Friend”

jesus took me
fishing last

all morning, he
went on and on
about the art
of fishing

how to double
bait the claw
tackle, gauge
the wind, and
patiently hunt
the murky shallows

after an hour
of preaching,
i reluctantly
conceded his
bass tracker
was superior.

Author bio:

In 1983, Lawrence Gladeview was born to two proud and semi-doting parents. After two middle schools and losing his faith in Catholic high school, he graduated from James Madison University, majoring in English and having spent only one night in jail. He is a Boulder, Colorado poet cohabiting with his fiance Rebecca Barkley. Lawrence is one of two editors for MediaVirus Magazine, and more than thirty of his poems have been featured in print and online publications. You can read more of his poetry on his website, Righteous Rightings.


jrzgrrl said...

gold-trimmed perpendicular polygons...clever and intriguing, as always. Keep up the great work. Fishing with Jesus, now there's a concept!berries3

Nunya said...

I wish I could read this. Who puts a black font on a dark blue background?

Clockwise Cat said...

sorry you cannot read it, david, but the background is a light purple on my browser, and is perfectly readable from there. maybe try a different browser? i have not had any other complaints, or i would switch it...