Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skinned by George Anderson

the worms sleep
feigning acid calm

the universe expands
the moon retires
& the garbage men come

his eyes uncut/ onyx cheekbones
his mind full of envious confusion
a pungent aura of sterilized captivity

a beautiful nightmare of lupine instinct
the mantra, thematic pattering
debris clinging to the dark bark

growth. bloom. climax. applause.

afraid of the urge within
the unholy abyss
the soft scrub of souls
splashes dangling to poise

his fingertips tingling
devoured by one last morsel of confidence
cooking like the world is watching
lashings of red paint
calloused malformations

what if we could cure hate?

gleeful sunlit succubus beauty
buxom, bumbling, bored

backward in sentiment
her devilish green eyes dancing
like a caged battered dog
doubled over & falling
feeding upon the grubs

the pink worm aroused

applause. climax. bloom. growth.

Author bio:

George Anderson blogs at Bold Monkey

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