Monday, January 17, 2011

A Self Portrait by Abigale Louis LeCavalier

I am reaching
from scented candlelight,
into a space
just big enough
for my feet.

And I pick lilacs,
in dreams with
Edgar Allen Poe.
Sprays of purple
and white,
holding them to his mouth,
never whispering a word.

And I am back again.

The shoes no longer fit.

Spitting brandy
on my favorite painting;
a self portrait
of someone else’s

the colors that run together
have an easy flow,
even as they are washed away
by wine turpentine
in the dim light.

And I can't help but cry,
as I kiss canvass,
with the plum lips
I wear
every day.

Author bio:

Abigale Louis LeCavalier has seen the movie, The Breakfast Club, probably 100 times, but she remembers the first time the most clearly. For this reason, she wanted to be Molly Ringwald (Claire), but she identified most with Ally Sheedy (Allison.) Now her life consists of trying to make her "outsides" look like what she identifies "inside" - the hardest thing she has ever done. Abigale has been published in many online and print magazines.

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