Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Make a Pile of Slush (Satire) by Kindra J. Ferriabough


Due to objectivity, Serious Magazine only publishes work of the highest quality. We want: cutting-edge, emotional jeopardy and honesty, spinal tap, characters that make us think about people, settings that make us think about places, and a strong narrative for literary fiction. We have eclectic tastes and are open to all styles of writing but please do not send us proletarian mainstream fiction, work that has not been objectively proofread by your non-literary friends and family who are often confused by your writing, or work that you do not think is of the highest quality.

Please keep your submission to a maximum of 3,000 words due to increasingly shorter attention spans and increased visibility of our online presence. Please keep your Flash Fiction to a blank screen.

As SM is a small staff of chief, managing, volunteer, associate, guest, rotating and co-editors, and, sometimes, just one stand-in “Prose” editor, please include a cover letter addressing the appropriate editor accordingly in a gender appropriate fashion.

Our response time is between 1-6 days/months and non-existent, respectively. Simultaneous submissions ok but frowned upon.


If you are still confused due to either our lack or overabundance of cohesive aesthetics, please take a moment to read what we publish.

Due to a severe backlog, SM is currently on permanent hiatus.


Chief Editors:
Jacques Derrida & Roland Barthes

Managing Editors:
Tristan Tzara
A. Rand

Associate Editors:
Sidney Frühstück
Frances Scheiß

Clive “Jack” Lewis
The Chicago School

Rotating Editors:
T.S. Eliot
Sir Doyle

Prose Editor:
Walter Pater

Guest Editors:
Sam Beckett

Volunteer Editors:
Marx & Engels
J.D. Salinger
C. Bukowski

Author bio:

Kindra J. Ferriabough currently resides in Jamaica Plain, MA. Her short fiction has previously appeared in Aim Magazine and Zygote in my Coffee.