Sunday, February 14, 2010

There's a Strange Gray Cloud in the Otherwise by Mather Schneider

by Mather Schneider

black curls of the stewardess.
The man who insisted on my window seat
now shuts the window blind
and does a pencil puzzle.
I can't see the earth.
The woman across the aisle
tells me her name is Sylvia
then returns to her yellow marker
and self-help book.
The man to my left and I get acquainted
through the strained dialogue
of our elbows.
A power-suited woman stops scrolling
her laptop numbers and looks up
like a startled child.
In the thick corporate air of first class:
thousand buck suits
stuffed with dollar store men.
A college girl walks by
in sweat pants with “JUICY” on the ass.
Two shawled women a couple rows up
plan a seating arrangement for a country club luncheon
while their colonoscopy-faced husbands bitch
about layovers and Oban hangovers.
Odors of fingernail polish
luggage and baby powder
linger in the reconstituted air.
A little girl somewhere sings
“If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands ”
(clap, clap)
all by herself.
A kid throws a tantrum somewhere
and while I understand,
I want to smack him anyway.
Even with wings shaking
eyes stay riveted
to sky mall magazines.
The beverage cart moves down the aisle
giving last rites.

Author bio:

Mather Schneider has a book, Drought Resistant Strain, forthcoming by Interior Noise.

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