Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Poems by Constance Stadler

by Constance Stadler


The vulture is patient.
Last stage evisceration
The stumble of thirst
of a death intended life.
No "collateral damage".
You are incidental refuse.
A comma in the litany
of carrion
A rogue profiteer
arcs renegade machete
assuming your status
by the placement of your

The vulture approaches
his awaited reward.
toddler eyes.



The runes of winter
Are steeping beneath
Tumultuous greens
Phosphorescent rebirth.

The mandate to frolic
A universal imperative
Carried from majestic lemon monarch
To incandescent hummingbird
Hovering in
Nectared whispers.

The warmth of the equinox
Illumes thick, sickened whiteness
Of a long hibernation
even soft, I recoil
So unaccustomed
To bright.

The meadow cries for meandering
It will not remain fallow.
But I am no soloist,
for Vivaldi’s
jubilant exaltations.
Cold marrow deep dankness
Requires incremental

Author bio:

Constance Stadler has been writing, publishing, and editing poetry from the 'prehistoric' epoch of print journals to modern e-times. She was a former editor of South and West and is currently a contributing editor to the e-zine Eviscerator Heaven. She has published over 250 poems and three chapbooks in her 'first manifestation' as a poet, and has just released first two chaps in 20 years, Tinted Steam (Shadow Archer Press) and Sublunary Curse (Erbacce). Her most recent work appears in such 'zines as ditch, , ken*again, Pen Himalaya, Rain Over Bouville, Clockwise Cat, Hanging Moss, Neonbeam, and Gloom Cupboard. She was recently "Featured Poet" for the Guild of Outsider Writers. Her website is Connie Stadler.

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