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Three poems by Geoffrey A. Landis

Three poems
by Geoffrey A. Landis

Doggerel and Nonsense Rhymes

(incense, and violent crimes
paid for with children's dimes;
Read it all in the Times.)

Sock thief
shoots the moon
mocks belief
and pops balloons.
Robot wrestlers
show distaste
for elaborate gestures
and invisible lace.

Insects and apple cores,
sunsets and turtle wars,
steeped all in wizard lore
something to see!

Peanuts and copper ore,
pine cones: at least a score,
yes, this and plenty more
comes all for free.


And On That Day

When the cows float gently in the breezes,

when all the mice chase frightened cats around

when the wide and warm Pacific freezes;

when the pregnant moon wears an ermine gown.

On that day I’ll love you so gently

and on that day I’ll love you true

on that day I’ll love forever

no one but you.

When the flowers blossom in the winter,

when the springtime rains fall upward to the sky

when gnarled oak trees migrate in the summer

the day young children forget to question, why?

Then I’ll give to you my promise

and stay forever by your side

but today the open road yet beckons

and the world is wide.


Elephant Bits:
(Four Variations on a Theme)

Baby, seedy, iffy cheese
Eight chives shake, hay elemental peek
you arrest tea, you feed of balloon necks
why's he?

Embassy de effigy,
Hijack a elm, no pea
Curious TV,
double your axe, wisely.

Aching city ear of Jesus,
say jive vacate hell on entropy.
Cue our ass, tube free
trouble your ex-wife, see.

Eighty ziti, Eve is she,
hey, Jake, hail a eminent to pay.
Queer caress, steep movie,
tub of wax, wide sea.

Editor's note: "And On That Day" previously appeared in Star*Line.

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You can check out Geoffrey A. Landis at Geoffrey Landis.

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