Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Primer on Finding God in the Details (Poetry) by Nathan Tyree

A Primer on Finding God in the Details
By Nathan Tyree

I camp in the tree outside your window and shave with broken glass so that you wont hear the ants eating their way out through my skin. I want to apologize to my blood. It isn't the blood's fault that it keeps me alive. In fact, if my blood had any choice in the matter I am certain that it would flee my body and go live in a Golden Retriever on a farm somewhere. Through the window I watch you undress. Your body is too small for your size and I want to gut you, hollow you out and live inside your hollowed out body. Someday I will give up on this. For now I will watch you sleep and think about dismantling your eyes.

Editor's note: A Primer on Finding God in the Details originally appeared in Gustaf magazine.

Author bio:

Nathan's poetry and fiction has appeared in many magazine, journals, e-zines, anthologies. Some of his work can be found in Dogmatiks; decomP; Poor Mojo’s Amanac(k); Gustaf; Kitty Snacks; Word Riot; Flesh and Blood; Edifice Wrecked; Mad Swirl; Gutter Eloquence; The Leegendary; The Beat; Straight from the Fridge; Ditch Poetry and many others.

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