Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Date With Laughing Gas (Poetry) by Stephanie Smith

A Date With Laughing Gas
by Stephanie Smith

Smoke and embers kindle my heart

My love, you’re such good pain

Should I breathe it all into me?

Yes? No?

Contradictions swim inside of me like a lit cigarette near a

puddle of gasoline

Burn me Oh Burn me Burn me some more

Take that torch and put me to sleep

Wake me up NOW!

Turn the lights off

Close all the doors

We gotta hide cuz they don’t like us together

They don’t believe we can be and so they abuse us

As this darkness breathes

Darkness screams

Darkness feeds on my brain in the night when I’m most vulnerable

I wonder am I a human or a soul?

Soul with body not body with soul

In too deep

In Out In Out

I’m on the outside looking in and I know God’s watching me

God and Love Devil and Hate

Both dancing in the shadows, afraid to show their true selves

Did I scare you?
Did I make you laugh?

God, I’m so bored So alive So in love So alone

So alone

It’s a cruel world It’s an abstract world

Heartless fucking world

Goodbye now world

I got a date with a soul much like my own

We’re gonna swim the ocean and let it all go…So Ha!

Author bio:

Stephanie Smith is just getting back into the swing of things after not publishing poetry in almost a decade. She has work set to appear in Yellow Mama and Blood Moon Rising.

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