Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tumble Eyes Paint Parable by Courtney Ray

Tumble Eyes Paint Parable
by Courtney Ray

In his eyes paints melancholy
Drifting her color

Of dew reigning as cropping-crown
In his leaves that drop
The autumn of anticipation

Tumbling to ask
Of his abscence to mix

Her quiet to hollow the winter-twilight
Breaching his spring of confusion.

Tangerine-summer nectars
The dripping lips
Thinking-vine succulent;

Both sticky as seeds
To core in Eve's apple.

He drowns
To slip-in-peal
Of mind-beyond-parable

Sipping fruit
In her garden-tangible.

Author bio:

Courtney Ray is 38. She writes often. And loves to challenge the beat within. An evaporation of blue-oxygen.
And coffee synapses as her blood.

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