Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Three poems by Annie Diamond

Three poems
by Annie Diamond

a debacle of the vernacular

i rather like the word
you like the word fiasco? what word fiasco?
what do you mean? i like the word fiasco!
a word fiasco? like a verbal disaster?
a debacle of the vernacular? a
distressing situation involving the english language?
what kind of person would think to enjoy a
language calamity?
well, i suppose this is a language calamity,
and i am quite enjoying myself.
jesus, you take everything so lite rally. that’s
the problem with you poets.


sleeping in socks

sleeping in my socks: a rare,
almost scientific occurrence
perhaps solely explainable by
my fierce concentration
upon this new, beautiful being
and complete disregard for
all things regular, shedding
my usual stoicism for
a perpetually foolish smile.



we let fly with formulas and theorems
slurring the ancient tongues of euclid and
pythagoras into a heady shout of battle.
our arrows are taut with number lines,
compasses drawn, protractor blades flashing.< /o:p>
cartesian planes swoop overhead,
overseeing the warfare in calculated silence
as we count the dead in imaginary numbers.

Author bio:

Annie Diamond is a heretofore unpublished poet residing in Wilton, Connecticut. She blogs at Annie Diamond about fashion, Paris, sewing, Oscar Wilde, and anything else that appeals to her.


Anonymous said...

fun and clever!

Annie said...

Hah, wow, I just realized that these were up! This is so cool. Erh, if somebody had a moment to change that link to (and make it say Curiouser & Curiouser) then that would be stellar.