Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catalog of Misconstruals by Edwin L. Young

Catalog of Misconstruals
by Edwin L. Young, PhD

To participate in American democracy, you have to be a proficient liar. Jimmy Carter is absolutely right in his analysis of the Israel-Palestine conflict and his proposals for solution are also absolutely right. The problem is that he is the only leader who has the courage to tell it like it is. Since the middle sixties and continuing today, the Zionist and Jewish zealot leaders have recruited American Jews to settle in the Palestinian Territory with the aim of regaining their Holy Land for Israel. Over and over, they announce plans for peace and even accepting the two state solution and over and over they announce, 'with pseudo, plaintive regrets', that the plan has to be scrapped. The rest of the Israeli's have had to suffer for this insane, anachronistic, religious fundamentalist Promise Land dogma. The horrible thing is that they continue to pursue this mission knowing that as they do so they are putting the rest of the middle East in turmoil and the US and virtually the rest of the world at peril and do so with impunity and without a shred of guilt or concern for the harm they do to others.

As for the Stimulus Bill, the republicans are showing themselves to be unadulterated liars, hypocrites, and sell outs to the rich and the big corporations. They also are experts at ignoring or twisting history. On the latter, few leaders of either party accurately bring history to bear on current issues. For example, "No Child Left Behind" began to be developed in the Reagan era and was pushed by both Bush senior and Clinton before being passed, with the vigorous support of our revered Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy. No Child Left Behind proved to be a disastrous example of government interference and local control of schools during Bush's eight years. Nationalized testing and curriculum is sheer idiocy. These are just a few examples of policies to help the rich and big corporations win in the Class Warfare. Clinton, bless his brilliant and lovable heart, was and is the most vigorous proponent of industrial globalization which has been one of the major causes, along with Bush tax give away to the rich, of our current financial crisis.

Don't get me wrong, I am for globalization as it is one of the sure ways to help prevent future wars. However, it cannot continue to proceed, as it has done so far, as a way to exploit labor in poor and underdeveloped countries, to steal their natural resources, and to blackmail their leaders through IMF and World Bank 'helpful' (substitute Machiavellian patronizing
for 'helpful') loans.

As a side note, the famous American philosopher, George Herbert Mead, (Margaret's father) proposed globalization, as a way to promote world peace, as early as the late 1930's at the end of his book "Mind, Self, and Society". Whether it helps or not depends, now, on the nature of the helmsmen of the various heads of states and world organizations.

Author bio:

Edwin is a 76 year old, retired, psychotherapist/institution reformer. His greatest satisfaction came from reforming many juvenile correctional institutions, a maximum security prison, a West Texas mental hospital, and the huge Job Corps in San Marcos, Texas. All in all there were thirteen institutions that he successfully reformed. In the last year of his PhD program, Edwin was one of the two PhD graduate students to be awarded the annual University Research Institute grant. His dissertation committee said his was the longest, best, and most complex in the history of the department. Since retiring, Edwin spends his time writing. His site is: The Natural Systems Institute.

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